av SJ Larsson · 2008 — Evaluation of the dao1 gene as a selectable marker in transformation of apple rootstock M26 as well as transformation of a vector containing 


Doctoral degree: 1999, subject: horticulture, genetic transformation of plants, Title of dissertation: Genetic transformation of the apple rootstock M26 with genes 

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M 26 rootstock

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28. 29. 30. 31 I'm looking at you!) Private Cabin w/Wood Hot Tub (Rootstock Retreat).

M.26 is traditionally considered a dwarf rootstock, but is one of the more vigorous dwarfing rootstocks. M.26 is grown widely throughout the world and is included as a “standard” in many rootstock trials. M.26 is precocious and very productive, produces many burr knots, and is susceptible to crown rot and fire blight.

Nyckelord fruktkvalitet, 'Jonagold', M9, M26, transgen grundstam, rolB-genen, äpple. Handledare Li-Hua Zhu. Området  redigera wikitext].

EMLA 26 is considered to be smaller than a half size tree. It is about 40 to 45 percent of a standard tree, needs some support in early years, but could be self-supporting in later years. EMLA 26 is very early and heavy bearing. This rootstock is very adaptable for close plantings and double rows.

M 26 rootstock

Stake initially but in time stake can be removed.

M 26 rootstock

In between M.9 and MM.106. Propagation: Produces well in stool beds. Resistance: Mildly susceptible to collar rot. Susceptible to woolly aphid and fireblight.
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M 26 rootstock

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The fruit size that M7 produces is good but not as large as an M26, or M9 rootstock. This root is highly susceptible to suckering and leaning over in its later years of  Great for the intensive orchard. Plant 8' apart. Yields early in life.
Telia angelholm

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Transformed M.26 containing the rolA gene produced a more dwarf plant and including the rolB gene also enhanced rooting in Jork.9, M.26 and M.9 apple rootstocks and the poor-rooting pear rootstock BP10030 (Zhu et al

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